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Established in 1900 we are the oldest history society in Sunderland

Publications for Sale

We have a number of original publications and DVD image resources for sale. Each will be of interest to Sunderland family historians. The DVD resources are for use on a personal computer, as they contain jpeg images. Listed below are the current items for sale. Please contact society for pp costs.

Send cheques payable to the Sunderland Antiquarian Society, 6 Douro Terrace, Sunderland SR2 7DX.

If you are local, you can order and collect from the Antiquarian Society.

Please feel free to contact the society at 6 Douro Terrace, Sunderland SR2 7DX for any queries or particular requirements. Thank you.

****NEW BOOK****


by Alan Brett and Philip Curtis

A look back to the days of shopping in the shops and department stores of Wearside such as Binns, Joplings, Blacketts and Liverpool House. A time when every street seemed to have a corner shop; when Harry Berg was the ‘Egg King’ of Hendon Road; willicks, tripe and pickled tongue were local delicacies and X-ray machines were a common sight in shoe shops.

This latest A4, 48-page book from Black Cat Publications features shop histories and articles along with 400 wonderful photographs and illustrations. £4.99 + £1.90 P&P

Now available from the Sunderland Antiquarian Society, 6 Douro Tce, Sunderland SR2 7DX: