Rain's Eye Plan

 An Eye Plan of Sunderland and Bishopwearmouth 1785-1790


In 1785 John Rain began his delightful 'Eye Plan' of a bird's eye view of Sunderland Bishjopwearmouth taken from the south. The survey (started at the Bishopwearmouth end in this year) was finished in 1790. John Rain (spelt Raine in another map) was the son of John and Mary Rain of Plains Farm and was born in 1760. Rain was a farmer. later a brickmaker and finally the Town Surveyor. That he was trained as a land surveyor can be seen from his carefully drawn estate maps. Other work of his was the plan of Goodchild's estate in Pallion and Williamson's estates at Monkwearmouth. Rain had property in Crowtree Road and an entry in the church records show that he had to repay a certain sum of money or proceeedings would be taken against him. This extremely interesting map has all the streets and hourses shown with details of owners of property.  [A section of Bishopwearmouth part appears in the Transactions of the Society Vol X1X, p42]

Small section of Raine's eye Plan