Publications for Sale

We have a number of original publications and DVD image resources for sale. Each will be of interest to Sunderland family historians. The DVD resources are for use on a personal computer, as they contain jpeg images. Listed below are the current items for sale. Please contact society for pp costs.
Send cheques payable to the Sunderland Antiquarian Society, 6 Douro Terrace, Sunderland SR2 7DX.
If you are local, you can order and collect from the Antiquarian Society.
Please feel free to contact the society at 6 Douro Terrace, Sunderland SR2 7DX for any queries or particular requirements.
Thank you.

The Streets of Old Sunderland

The Streets of Old Sunderland is a DVD containing over 2500 images from all parts of town, Hendon to North Hylton and Roker to Ryhope. It is the biggest collection of photographs, post cards and newspaper articles available on the old town.
Each area (e.g. East Sunderland / Monkwearmouth etc) is in a separate folder and is listed A-Z
Jpeg images for PC
Priced at only £10

Also available, a collection of hundreds of images of Sunderland Public Houses at only £5.50 

Where did my ancestors live?

This DVD image resource contains 19th century directories, poor law lists, Monkwearmouth rates from the 1840s (unique to the Sunderland Antiquarian Society), legal documents, books etc etc. Useful for researching and understanding the area in which your Georgian and Victorian ancestors lived.
Priced at £8  

The River and Shipyard Collection

Hundreds of images of the River Wear and its surrounds. Doxford Shipyard collection, River Wear Commissioners and lots more.
Priced at £5

Antiquarian Society Map Collection

I have the pleasure of being the map archiver at the Antiquarian Society, and have put together this collection of hundreds of old Sunderland maps, from early 18th century to early 19th century - including John Rain's Eye Plan of 1790, All maps digitised and broken down into smaller sections for closer inspection.
Unique collection, priced at only £8 

Murderous Wearside

This cd contains Murderous Wearside 1 and Murderous Wearside 2, books written by Norman Kirtlan together with local historians Denise Lovell and Sharon Vincent. Both volumes sold out very quickly, but due to popular demand ( we are indeed a bloodthirsty lot) I have compiled both books as pdf documents. 
Fully illustrated - indexed catalogue of scores of 19th and early 20th century murders. Over 250 pages of murder and mayhem. (See if you have a murderous skeleton in YOUR cupboard!)
Priced at £5 

****NEW BOOK***


by Alan Brett and Philip Curtis

A look back to the days of shopping in the shops and department stores of Wearside such as Binns, Joplings, Blacketts and Liverpool House. A time when every street seemed to have a corner shop; when Harry Berg was the ‘Egg King’ of Hendon Road; willicks, tripe and pickled tongue were local delicacies and X-ray machines were a common sight in shoe shops.

This latest A4, 48-page book from Black Cat Publications features shop histories and articles along with 400 wonderful photographs and illustrations. £4.99 + £1.90 P&P

Now available from the Sunderland Antiquarian Society, 6 Douro Tce, Sunderland SR2 7DX: