Sunderland Corporation Trams

(TST037) (TST038)
Tram No 86 at Seaburn with Corporation Members 1932 Car 86 was built at Hylton Rd Depot under conditions of secrecy, when it emerged it had an extremely quiet running truck, both of these reasons have been offered as the explanation for this tram being given the affectionate nickname the "Ghost Tram" ( was it ever boarded by an Inspectre).
Tram No 86 is seen here in Fulwell Rd heading for Fawcett St Sunderland 1950.
(TST039) (TST040)
New to The Fleet Tram No 99 passes the corporation Tram Offices 1936.
Tram No 54 loading at Seaburn Terminus in 1945 it was nicknamed "The Yellow Peril" because of its Yellow coloured livery.
(TST041) (TST042)
A brand new Tram No 36 proudly stands at Seaburn Terminus August 1936.
Tram No 61 "The Icebox" loading at Seaburn September 1938.
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