Sunderland Corporation Trams

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Archibald R Dyson General Manager of Sunderland Tramways 1900-1928
Pictured here is conductress Jenny Newton in 1916, Jenny was one of the many women working on Sunderland's tram system during WW1 as many of the male staff were in the armed Forces.
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Above is Annie Goodall pictured with a very smart Points boy in 1918, another woman doing important war work on the Tram system during WW1, Annie was a rarity back then as she was one of the very few women drivers.
Liza Smith Sunderland Tram conductress, pictured in her smart uniform July 1916.
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Tram 22 was delivered to the service in January 1901, when the Transport Department switched to welding the lines in 1914 this single deck Tram was converted to a welding car, Tram 22 can be seen here at Hylton Rd depot in 1915.
Above is Tram no 27 at Roker Terrace with its driver on the Roker Circle route, this car arrived in June 1901 and was scrapped in 1933, the fleet number was used again in 1935 for the new Corporation built car.
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