Sunderland District Omnibus (SDO) Buses

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Jolly bus DWS-131 a Bedford Duple parked outside its terminus at the Plaza Cinema early 1955 this stop was used as early as the mid 1920s. It would be another 8 years before the Jolly bus company was granted a licence to extend their service to the Town Centre.
Jolly bus AUP-250B picking up passengers in Brougham St circa 1966, when you could rent a T.V. set for as little as 9 Bob a week, 45p in today's market.
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Parked in Cambria St South Hylton is this unusual six wheeler Jolly bus BUP-148B circa 1966 the Bedford design with its 6 wheels made it prone to punctures and the vehicle did not last long in service.
A Bedford Jolly bus 4666-HN at the top of Holmside on its way to South Hylton Via the Royal Infirmary circa 1965.
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Jolly bus PHN-322 presumably parked on W.H. Jollies drive sometime in the late fifties, in its famous Brown and Cream livery which was so recognisable around the town for decades.
Parked in back Union St South Hylton is Jolly bus LGR-140 another Bedford circa 1966 W.H. Jolly used Bedford designed buses throughout the most of the 20th century until 1st July 1995 when sadly KTY-24X made the last journey from South Hylton.

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