Echos From The Past

The Sunderland Echo reported for the first time in its history, the future of Thorney Close Hall was considered by Sunderland Corporation. By 1952, the stately 400 hundred year old mansion was lying in the heart of a modern housing estate. Following the death of owner Violet Bulkley, the last surviving link in a long line of decedents, the future of the house which was once set in the beautiful surroundings of a vineyard, had suddenly become uncertain.
Echo report 1951 One of Sunderland's best known landmarks, the blacksmith's shop at the junction of Newcastle Rd and Southwick Rd, was to be demolished in December in accordance with the corporation scheme to widen the approaches to the Southwick road bridge. The shop was believed to have been over two hundred years old.
The Echo reported today 15th April 1955 that when the Hylton ferryboat filled up with water at rising tides, it overturned and sank. A twelve foot coble which was capable of transporting six passengers was brought into service to replace the 30 foot long flat bottomed ferryboat. However the coble kept springing a leak and at that point it was necessary for passengers to stand on their seats during the river crossing.
On July 24th the Echo reported three furniture vans went to the Bowes Almshouses Bishopwearmoth, to collect the belongings of eight old ladies who moved to new homes at Town End Farm Estate. The Rev E Zachau, curate at Bishopwearmoth Church was on hand to give last minute help with the removal.

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